Why Your Choice of Temporary Flooring Could Be Crucial to Your Event's Success


If you're planning a major event in the future, you need to carefully consider logistics and make sure that you don't forget any important details. Location may be the first consideration and you may have found a great venue in a beautiful, natural arena, with an accommodating landowner. As you plan, you imagine how great your temporary structure will look when it is placed front and centre, but you also need to take steps to protect the venue as much as possible, as you may be liable otherwise.

25 July 2018

How to Select a Suitable Event Hire Company


If you have been looking for event hire companies, you must have noticed that there are many firms to choose from. If you are an event planner, you need to be careful while selecting an ideal company. So how can you choose the company that can cater for all your needs? This list will show you how. Product range Maybe you would like to hire furniture for your upcoming event, or perhaps you need sound equipment.

16 January 2018