Important Considerations Before Any Type of Wedding Equipment Hire


When planning a wedding at a venue that may not provide all the tables and chairs and other equipment you need, you're sure to find it all at a wedding equipment rental store. Today you can rent not just tables and chairs but buffet stands, deejay equipment, dance floors, and even fun food-making machines. Before you do rent any of these items, note a few questions to ask of the rental agency and the venue itself as well and other considerations to keep in mind.

29 October 2015

Party Personalities: The 4 Types Of People You Need to Become to Host a Great Party


Throwing a house party is much easier when you're a teen. When you're an adult, things become a little more complex. When it comes to hosting your very own party, you'll need to adopt four separate specific personalities in order for things to run as smoothly as possible. 1. The Cryptic Timekeeper Lying to friends isn't something that anyone should ordinarily do. However, when it comes to hosting a party, telling different people that the celebrations begin at different times can actually contribute to a terrific atmosphere and stress-free evening.

29 May 2015

Hiring a marquee for your outdoor church services


Utilising the outdoor environment can be a great way to invigorate your church services. The fresh air can liven people up, and the outdoor vista can be a good way to appreciate all that God has created around us. Here are some ways to make sure that your marquee helps you to have the outdoor service you are eager to have: Marquee hire Estimate the normal size of your church attendance, then add a margin of 20% so that any extra attendees can be seated without anyone feeling unwelcome.

27 May 2015

Having an Outdoor Event? Learn About 3 Different Styles of Marquees


So you're planning an outdoor event and need to hire a marquee. There are several different types that suit diverse environments and activities. Here's a glimpse at three of your options. Rope & Pole Marquees This style has remained in fashion for many years. Centre or king poles support a high peaked roof canopy; tensioned sidelines pegged or staked into the ground hold the centre poles in place. Supporting wall poles provide the canopy with its classic shape.

21 May 2015

Ladies Night Out: 4 Memorable Boating Ideas for a Fabulous Hens Party


Throwing a hens party on a cruise boat is as memorable as they come. Women rollicking the afternoon or night away on a cruise boat just before the bride says 'I do' are truly unforgettable experiences. Several hens party boat charters are available for afternoon high tea or thumping dance parties. If you've been tasked with the job of planning an awesome night for the bride, here are some memorable hens party boating ideas she'll never forget.

13 May 2015