Why Your Choice of Temporary Flooring Could Be Crucial to Your Event's Success


If you're planning a major event in the future, you need to carefully consider logistics and make sure that you don't forget any important details. Location may be the first consideration and you may have found a great venue in a beautiful, natural arena, with an accommodating landowner. As you plan, you imagine how great your temporary structure will look when it is placed front and centre, but you also need to take steps to protect the venue as much as possible, as you may be liable otherwise. What do you need to bear in mind?

What If It's Wet?

In your mind's eye, you can picture how this event will unfold and predict the challenges you may face. However, what if it's not such a nice, sunny day, and the heavens open to create difficult conditions underfoot?

Parking Protection

To deal with this situation, you will need to budget for temporary flooring, especially if you are parking cars in an adjacent field. As these vehicles are heavy by nature, it doesn't take much for this entire area to descend into a quagmire following a few heavy showers.

Steering Walkways

You'll also need to ensure that your guests can move from one part of your facility to another without falling in the mud. Temporary walkways should be erected to guide everyone in a certain direction. This will also help to keep them away from flowerbeds or other sensitive areas, although you may have to put in additional layers of protection around them.

Marquee Floors

You may intend to erect a temporary structure for protection, but you need to focus on the floor inside as well. This can become muddy and unusable if the weather outside is frightful and remember this area will see a particularly heavy footfall.

Protecting Sensitive Areas

Part of the attraction of this venue is a beautiful and historic building. You may want visitors to explore this building, and if so, you may need to consider protection for the interior floors, as well. If made from marble or stone they will be particularly prone to damage and to be safe, you should install a high density, temporary flooring that has anti-slip capabilities.

It's Not Just the Weather

Remember, the weather can be very unpredictable and even if you live in an area that's doesn't see any rainfall, you still have to think about the impact that thousands of feet can have on surfaces beneath. You may be renting this venue from a separate landowner, but you will still be liable for any damages caused.

Sizing Up Your Options

Have a word with your Renniks Event supplier to see what type of flooring could be suitable for your project.


25 July 2018

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