Ready for Anything: How to Weatherproof Your Outdoor Event


When you're planning a party or some other type of event, there's a lot to be said for having it outdoors. For one thing, you don't need to find a way to fit everyone into your home or look for a big enough room to hire. Additionally, there's just something about celebrating in the great outdoors that people love.

Of course, while you can control most aspects of your event, there's one thing you have no say in: the weather. While you can try to arrange something on a day when the forecast says it will be warm and sunny, there's no guarantee it will turn out that way, especially when you factor in the need to plan a while before the event.

The next best thing to controlling the weather is to make sure it can't ruin your party, so make sure you weatherproof your day.

Provide shelter

Of all the types of weather that can really mess with your plans, rain would probably be number one. If you're planning to party outdoors, nobody's going to want to do it while getting soaked. Because of this, it's really best to hire a marquee for any outdoor event.

A marquee doesn't have to mean you're really inside – it can adapt to whatever the weather is doing, either opening up for partial shade and keeping food and drinks safe or becoming more fully enclosed to ensure everyone stays dry. Even if it is raining hard, you can still benefit from outdoor surroundings by partially opening the sides. Make sure you also help people stay dry on their way out of cars and provide somewhere to put umbrellas and wet coats.

Regulate the temperature

Some small heaters will raise the temperature in your marquee if it's cold, and a couple of outdoor heaters let people stand outside if they want. If it's looking like a scorcher, make sure there's good airflow and perhaps get a few large fans. You could even switch the sprinkler on to help cool the air with water.

Be ready for wind

You might need to close up the marquee entirely if it's particularly windy, although it should still provide decent shelter if not. Just go for plastic instead of glass when it comes to serving drinks, or any spillages could include broken glass.

Be adaptable

Most of all, be ready to change how things are set up at a moment's notice. Avoid large speakers and other equipment unless it can be moved in and out easily, and set up the food under cover so you don't have to run it inside if the heavens open.


12 July 2017

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