Important Considerations Before Any Type of Wedding Equipment Hire


When planning a wedding at a venue that may not provide all the tables and chairs and other equipment you need, you're sure to find it all at a wedding equipment rental store. Today you can rent not just tables and chairs but buffet stands, deejay equipment, dance floors, and even fun food-making machines. Before you do rent any of these items, note a few questions to ask of the rental agency and the venue itself as well and other considerations to keep in mind.

1. First note if you're allowed the use of particular items

If you've chosen any facility other than your own backyard for your wedding reception, be sure you ask someone at the venue if you're allowed to rent particular items. You may not be allowed to set up chairs in certain public parks or add a tent to an outdoor space. You may also not be allowed to bring in a generator to provide the electricity you need. Always ask about any restrictions first before you choose any type of rental for your wedding or reception.

2. Ask if certain chairs and tables are better for certain surfaces

The legs of certain chairs and tables may more easily sink into sand or soft soil, whereas some types might be made specifically for outdoor use. Chairs and tables with wider legs more easily disperse weight so they're less likely to sink into the ground. If your venue is outside and you're not having a wood floor or other solid surface put up for the event, ask if there is a particular type of table or chairs that are recommended.

3. Always ask if setup and teardown is included

Don't assume that renting tables and chairs means that a rental agency will set up those items for you or fold them up when the night is over. Very often they may simply deliver a long pallet with your items stacked on top of each other and it's up to you to arrange the setup. You may also need to have the items restacked on that same pallet when it's time to have them picked up. Be sure you ask about this and get extra help as needed to get this done.

4. Try to test out chairs in particular before renting

You want your wedding guests to be comfortable especially for a long ceremony or reception, so try to test out wedding chair hire in particular before renting. Don't choose by price alone but invest in a softer plastic versus rigid metal, and get those that are sized large enough that your guests will be comfortable throughout the event.


29 October 2015

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