Party Personalities: The 4 Types Of People You Need to Become to Host a Great Party


Throwing a house party is much easier when you're a teen. When you're an adult, things become a little more complex. When it comes to hosting your very own party, you'll need to adopt four separate specific personalities in order for things to run as smoothly as possible.

1. The Cryptic Timekeeper

Lying to friends isn't something that anyone should ordinarily do. However, when it comes to hosting a party, telling different people that the celebrations begin at different times can actually contribute to a terrific atmosphere and stress-free evening. Everyone has buddies who're astonishingly punctual, and everyone has friends who are dependably late for everything.

Take your friends' personalities into account when you invite them to your party – tell the more punctual people to arrive a little later and the less organized friends to turn up slightly earlier. This way, guests will arrive roughly within the same two-hour period and create a nice flow of people entering the home at regular intervals.

2. The Consummate Chef

When a party you're hosting finishes and there are still mountains of sandwiches left piled up on plates, the natural reaction is to think that you've made too much food. Rest assured, you can never prepare too much food. Guests aren't going to complain if there's too much to eat, but they certainly will if there isn't enough.

When it comes to food, this is an aspect of party hosting where it's worth going completely overboard. Pile pizzas high, stretch quiches as far as the eye can see, and put out a wide selection of sandwiches.

Always remember to serve up a diverse range of vegetarian/vegan options for your guests and make sure they're impressive dishes too. Vegetarians are occasionally treated as being a bit of an inconvenience at parties, so make sure what you put out for them is tasty and delicious. They certainly won't forget it.

3. The Man (or Woman) of Mystery

There's nothing quite as intriguing as a party host who has a little bit of mystery about them. You don't need to go all out and show off something utterly bizarre, but bringing something a little new to the table that your guests can marvel at means that your party won't be forgotten in a hurry.

Adding a few strange and curious liquors to the drinks table is a great way to turn your party into a mysterious and fascinating night. Whenever you go on holiday to somewhere classy, grab a few of bottles of the fine local wines in preparation for a future party.

Another way to turn your party into a bit of a mythical, mysterious hub is to transform a chosen room into something of a "chill out" den, where guests can relax and listen to music of their choice. It's a nice, unusual little touch that certain guests are sure to love.  

4. The Magnetic Matchmaker

Remember, not everyone who turns up at your party will be immediately eager to mingle. Relieve any immediate tension when you answer the door by instantly introducing people to one another. Use your intuition and bring people together who you think will hit it off. If you have two single friends looking for love, introduce them to one another.

If there's a certain guest who's just arrived who may be a little younger or older than the rest of the crowd, introduce them to someone else at the party who is close to their age range and might share the same kind of interests.

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29 May 2015

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