Hiring a marquee for your outdoor church services


Utilising the outdoor environment can be a great way to invigorate your church services. The fresh air can liven people up, and the outdoor vista can be a good way to appreciate all that God has created around us. Here are some ways to make sure that your marquee helps you to have the outdoor service you are eager to have:

Marquee hire

Estimate the normal size of your church attendance, then add a margin of 20% so that any extra attendees can be seated without anyone feeling unwelcome. Consider getting the marquee hire company to install the marquee so that it looks great and is as secure as possible - while you may have plenty of volunteers installing a marquee is much more challenging than a standard camping tent!

Make sure to hire a marquee with curtain/walls that can be unfurled if the weather turns out to be cooler than expected. That way you can use space heaters and keep out particularly chilly winds if the weather takes an unexpected turn people can still sit comfortably through the service. Clear curtains still allow a visible sense of connection to nature and can be rolled back up if the weather clears up.


Equally, while many revival style services can have people on their feet for large portions of the service, having enough chairs can be useful so that the elderly, the pregnant and anyone feel unwell can sit as needed. Chairs can often be hired from the same places that hire out marquees and other event equipment. If you have people with mobility limitations that will be staying in their wheelchairs be sure to leave some parking space for them as in the seating plan.

Power points

While your speakers no doubt have powerful voices, it can be harder to project your voice in the open compared to a sealed room. Consider if you want to run power cords to the marquee, have a generator or battery powered microphone packs to help your singers and speakers. When the congregants can hear the voices of the speakers and singers they will be more focused and engaged with the singers.

Outdoor services can be a great way to get your congregants back outside and engaged with the beautiful natural environment that God has created. Choose an appropriate point in the worship calendar and book in marquee hire for an outdoor service to add some variation back into your church service schedule.

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27 May 2015

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