Having an Outdoor Event? Learn About 3 Different Styles of Marquees


So you're planning an outdoor event and need to hire a marquee. There are several different types that suit diverse environments and activities. Here's a glimpse at three of your options.

Rope & Pole Marquees

This style has remained in fashion for many years. Centre or king poles support a high peaked roof canopy; tensioned sidelines pegged or staked into the ground hold the centre poles in place. Supporting wall poles provide the canopy with its classic shape. 

The swooping lines of pole marquees create a traditional feel reminiscent of an English garden party. While centre poles do obstruct the interior, they are often decorated with ribbons and flowers adding to the romantic atmosphere.

The roof of these marquees is first laid flat on the ground before being erected, so an even, open space is required. While side clearance is needed for the ropes and pegs, modern technology has kept this to a minimum. The exact clearance needed depends on the marquee.

Frame Marquees

This style of marquee is structured by an aluminium skeleton frame, which allows for a free unobstructed interior space—perfect for speeches.

Because there are no tensioned sidelines holding it in position, frame marquees are ideally suited to small spaces, and can even be erected in courtyards and on rooftops. Another advantage is that they can be constructed on any surface, including hard surfaces like concrete or gravel, as weights, as well as pegs, can be used to stabilise the structure.

You will be able to truly personalise your event using frame marquees. As the wall coverings are removable, several marquees can be joined to create a variety of shapes, such as an L form for example.

The sturdy aluminium frame withstands high winds and snow, an added benefit if your function is planned for winter.

Pop Up Canopies or Portable Gazeboes

These canopies are portable structures with a pointed roof, usually of a relatively small size. The frame is most often constructed from aluminium or steel, and while many are open sided, they can have walls.

Pop up canopies can be used as a bar or buffet area, or as an entrance to a larger marquee. They are popular at sporting events, trade shows, children's parties and fetes.

These three types of marquees all have their distinct advantages and choosing the right one is sure to help you create a memorable outdoor event that you can be proud of. For more information on your options, consult suppliers like Barlens.


21 May 2015

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