Ladies Night Out: 4 Memorable Boating Ideas for a Fabulous Hens Party


Throwing a hens party on a cruise boat is as memorable as they come. Women rollicking the afternoon or night away on a cruise boat just before the bride says 'I do' are truly unforgettable experiences. Several hens party boat charters are available for afternoon high tea or thumping dance parties.

If you've been tasked with the job of planning an awesome night for the bride, here are some memorable hens party boating ideas she'll never forget.

Cocktail Boat Party

Set up a fabulous cocktail boat party, complete with a range of innovative and delicious cocktails and waiters at your disposal. Make sure the guests are served platters of delicious finger foods through the night for an incredibly wild night for the ladies. Many hens party boat ideas will be happy to supply you with the bartenders and waiters you desire for the night, so talk to them to discuss your options.

Nightclub Boat Party

Step on board a chartered boat for a hens night that resembles the look of a nightclub, complete with a DJ, loud music and disco lights. Fun, laughter, dancing and drinks will complete the night as the captain and crew keep the bride and the ladies entertained and ecstatic throughout. Many hens party boat charters offer a variety of catering options and BYO facilities. They also offer group packages, depending on what you're looking for, so be sure to check all the options before making a choice for the beautiful bride-to-be.

Male Strip Show Boat Party

The quintessential bachelor party includes female strippers, so there's absolutely no reason why women can't enjoy a little strip show too. Let a gorgeous hunk give the ladies a little taste of freedom by wowing them with a dance and stripping routine. You can even get the bride-to-be to choose his attire for the night.

Surprise her with this truly naughty boat gift. Most hens party boat charters offer this option for women, so be sure to check with them about getting male strippers to infuse a sense of electrifying excitement into the night.

Burlesque Boat Party

Let the ladies learn to shake tail feathers with style and sass as you plan a burlesque costumed hens boat party for your bride-to-be. Start the night with some cheeky hens games and create dance routines that resemble burlesque dance moves. Get the ladies to bust out their awesome moves on the dance floor.

Many party boat charters like Sea-Reward Charters offer several unique ideas for the ladies. Be sure to check with them and give your bride-to-be a night she'll never forget!


13 May 2015

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